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TTT Rules

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No Metagaming (If you are revived and use the fact you saw who the T was to kill them) (Or using Third-Party devices to communicate with another player (EG: Skype, Steam, TeamSpeak, etc.)
No ghosting
No spamming or harassing other players
No gore or porn sprays
No claiming rooms until overtime. (If you are a detective you may claim a room for your own safety. However you must allow people time to leave, and ensure they are able to leave properly before shooting them. Also Detectives OR Innocents may not claim a room that blocks entryway into a certain area.)
No claiming rooms, until overtime. (Detectives can claim a room for your safety. The detective must give each players 3 warnings to leave before killing them. You are not allowed to claim rooms that block players movements (see specific map rules)
No camping/delaying as a traitor. Innocents can stay in one position as long as they want, not their job to progress the round. However innocents may not camp in a way that makes them unreachable or unseen
No prop surfing
No map glitching (Hiding behind the map, or behind buildings where you cannot be reached is not allowed)



No RDM(Killing people without any reason)
No false KOS unless a traitor (Stating a KOS without actual reason)
You cannot kill AFK players UNLESS in overtime!
No traitor-baiting (Intentionally acting like a traitor to get other people to shoot at you/the traitor to shoot at you)

You may only KOS someone for performing traitorous acts (seen in the traitorous acts section) or doing one of the following:
Because traitors can false-KOS people, if you believe someone is false-KOSing someone you may KOS them as well. Though be careful as a traitor may use this to KOS the person KOSing their buddy to save them! Also be careful about who you KOS as it could lead to you being KOS'd
Shooting towards you multiple times with an automatic weapon.
Shooting towards you once with a 1-hit weapon.
They perform an act that directly causes harm to you
Performing an act that could possibly kill you (Even if by accident)
They KOS you first.
They threaten you and state they are going to kill you in a serious manner.
They ignore Detective orders.
Carrying around T weapon without being proven. (Proven is defined by the detective, or from killing a Traitors)
If two players are in a firefight you must either choose a side or wait until one dies. Once one has died if it turns out they were innocent you may KOS the other one.

Traitorous Acts

*Shooting towards players (traitor baiting)
*Throwing frag, incendiary, or discombobulators depending on the map (Shown in Map Specific section)
*Throwing props (Prop killing)
*Not identifying bodies
*Calling KOS on innocents
*Planting C4
*Damaging traitor testers or health stations
*Having traitor weapons without declaring (silenced weapon (Such as Silent Fox, Silent Awp, Silent Pistol), Knife, etc)
*Approaching another player with an explosive prop (explosive barrel, etc)
*Hiding traitor equipment (C4, decoy, radio)
*Breaking wooden walkways if it could possibly cause the death or injury of another player (On Rooftops)
*Entering/Leaving a traitor only area (traitor rooms)
*Turning off the lights (unless the detective says otherwise) **Only on Clue


Map Specific Rules (Disobeying any of these is KOSable/slayable if stated.)

- Touching the buttons at the healing station to cause death (Blue means healing, Red means death) is KOS
- Pushing someone near or off an edge into the abyss is KOS
- Discombobulating in tower or near water is KOS
- Discombobulating near bridge, or on top of the roof is KOS
- Pushing people off the roof with a crowbar is KOS (unless overwater)
- Going behind the map is map glitching
- Destroying or breaking T-tester is KOS
- Tricking people to go in the suicide room (yellow room back of the map) is KOS and RDM
- Destroying T-tester pre-round is a slayable offence
- Activating Turrets are KOSable.
- Opening Emergency Exit during flight is KOS. (Federal Offense IRL)
- Please keep your Seat Belts on during takeoff and landing
- Store your carry on underneath the seat in front of you
- Activating lever to knock over belltower is a traitorous act
- Breaking the elevator is KOS
- Discombobulator anywhere on the map is KOS
- Pushing players with crowbar is KOS
- Throwing a discombobulator near the hole is KOS
- Getting outside of the map is map glitching
- Discombobulator throwing near great heights
-Pushing people into the death room is KOS
- Turning off the lights is KOSable, unless detective says “Lights out round”
- Burning props and walking around with them is KOSable
- Constant turning off lights pre-round by a singular player is slayable
- Discombobulating bowling balls or pins is KOSable
- Touching propane tanks is KOSable

- Throwing a discombobulator at barrels is KOS
- Going into the T room in anyway is KOSable
- Discombobulating multiple people off the edge is KOSable
- Activating death trap-door in T-tester is a traitorous act
- Trapping people in jail-cell is a traitorous act
- Discombob’s are a KOS
-Rapidly pressing elevator button is KOS
- Pushing someone with your crowbar is KOS
- Turing on the fan is KOS
- Pushing players near the mousetrap is KOS
- Discombobulating anywhere is KOS
- Crowbarring people near the edge
- Touching the grenades (for the grenade launcher) is KOS
- Activating nuke or using/carrying keycards is a traitorous act and is KOSable.
-Trapping players in the freezer is RDM (if innocent) and is KOSable
- Discombobulating near an open area is KOS
- Attempting to push someone in an open area is KOS
- Discombobulating in the nether is KOS
- Blowing up TNT is KOS
- Pushing a player towards lava is KOS
- Throwing the gold block into the water is KOS
- Hiding a Diamond Ore is KOSable
- Pressing the lava button causing death to an innocent is RDM and KOSable
-Throwing Minecarts at people is propkill.
- Turning on T traps as an innocent will result in a slay.
- Using spectator mode to kill with props will result in a slay
- Breaking boards in pre-round is a slay.
- Breaking both boards is KOSable.
- Throwing discombobulator is KOSable

- Pushing with Crowbars anywhere near the hole or a roof.

- Going in unreachable areas with the grappling hook is map glitching.
-Discombobulating someone who’s on a roof is KOS

- Throwing Discombobulators anywhere is a slayable offence if innocent
- Trying to push players off the train with crowbar is KOS
- Burning the “DNA” scanners is KOSable
- Tricking players into touching the yellow button which causes death
- Breaking the box which contains mines
- Touching/moving mines to cause harm is KOS.



Using third party chat to inform player of in-game events they are not yet aware of. (Counts as Metagaming)
This includes using in-game private chat, admin chat, steam chat, Skype, TeamSpeak, etc.
This includes giving away information about yourself. (Counts as Metagaming)
Using public chat, team chat and spectator chat will ensure you aren't ghosting. Any other forms of communication could result in inadvertently ghosting and we will enforce it.



Detective Rules

Detectives' job is to weed out the traitors and protect the innocents. As a Detective you may give warnings, however here are some orders we do not want you to give:
Ordering someone to do something that could result in their death.
Ordering someone to do something that could result in another person's death.
Order someone to do something that could be misconstrue as a KOS-able act.
Give mass-orders (Ordering everybody at once, room claiming does not apply to this rule)


1st time - Slay*
2nd time - Slay 2 rounds*
3rd time - Ban 24 hours*
4+ times - Ban 5 days*

RDM & leave
1st RDM (First Time) - Ban 5 days)
2nd RDM (First Time - Ban for 10 days)
3rd RDM (First Time - Ban for 3 weeks)
4th RDM (First Time - Ban permanently)

1st time - Gag/mute + warning.
2nd time - Gag/mute for a round*
3rd time - Ban 8 hours
* If you keep spamming in admin chat after being muted, you will be banned for 24 hours.

1st time - Warning
2nd time - Kick
3rd time - Ban 24 hours
4th time - Ban 3 days
(If they make a player leave 4 day ban)

Ghosting, Hacking & Cheating
1st time - Ban 2 weeks
2nd time - Ban 4 weeks

Attempting to crash the server in any way possible will result in a perma ban without ANY warnings.

Thanks for reading the official Trinity Rebirth TTT rules! If I missed any, please contact our staff team!

- Last updated October 17th, 2018